Radio 13 Interview with Jack Jones

David Boyle

All You Need is Love is a tribute to the Beatles and their music, not a tribute band of the Beatles,” answered Jack Jones (aka Irwin Thomas and lead singer of 90s Aussie rock band Southern Sons) when he was asked what we could expect from the upcoming show in Auckland on the 28th of July 2019 at the ASB Aotea Centre

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DJ Boylee was lucky enough to grab some time on behalf of Radio 13 to interview Jack as part of a whirlwind publicity tour for the show, gaining some interesting insights into what we could expect from the Beatles extravaganza. There was much to talk about, including the background of the show, and how the concept started.

I was really interested in how the songs were chosen and why, given the incredible back catalogue they had to select from. Jack also provided a rare insight into how he was first introduced to the Beatles, and how they still impact his work today - Boylee

During the interview, Boylee also slipped in a slightly tongue-in-cheek question, asking what it was like having one of the largest backing bands around, being our very own Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and the impact they have on him and the show.

The interview also showcases an impromptu live recording of a classic Beatles track off the White Album, which recently featured as part of Boylee's radio show Friends to the Enz “Beatles vs Rolling Stones”. 

Jack Jones was articulate, funny, and a true professional when we caught up. Even if you are not a Beatles lover, but are a fan of music, this is one interview not to be missed.

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All You Need Is Love Show
ASB Aotea Centre - 28th July 2019

Tickets available now at Ticketmaster.

Written By: David Boyle David’s day job is head of sales and marketing at Mint Asset Management. It doesn’t sound very rock and roll does it? But don’t be put off, he is passionate about music and has been nearly all his life. Better known as Boylee, he can’t sing a note in tune, remember a complete song lyric, nor play an instrument of any sort, but he does have an eye-opening knowledge of modern music and is never shy to share it with his friends and peers.