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Ding Dong Goes Emo

Angie Hart

It was a night of the finest black wardrobe and the darkest eyeliner... Ding Dong Lounge was home to Emo Night this past Friday with both floors with DJs and live bands that included Not Pretty Enough To Be Stupid, Streetlight Riot, Fallstate and The Not Okays who entertained a sold out crowd. 

Throughout the night, there was no sign of any self-deprecating depressing attitudes, which is always the public perception of Emo.

In the main bar, DJ Drew Bang kicked off the evening with a selection of much loved Emo and pop-punk tracks, filling the dance floor.

NPETBS 10082018 23

Upstairs, the festivities started around 9pm as Not Pretty Enough To Be Stupid took to the stage. Fronted by female singer Indigo, the band kicked things off with their own breed of pop-punk and metalcore, with mild amounts of soul mixed in with the lead vocals while bassist Andrew leant his voice to provide an element of raw energy within his scream vocals.
The contrast of the two vocalists brings something unique to the band, who have just released their first single - the aptly titled Finding Emo. The track was performed to an enthusiastic crowd. As the set began to end, the bass player climbed down from the stage to incite his own circle pit and get the crowd involved.

As the bands changed over, Paul T. Gheist provided heavier tracks to keep the crowds entertained. Many of the audience migrated between both bars during the changeover, taking in all that Emo Night had to offer.

StreetlightRiot 10082018 31

The next band to take the stage was three-piece punk rock band Streetlight Riot, who took to the stage questioning if they should even be considered an emo band. The band brought pure punk energy to the stage, providing an energetic performance to a packed room and they busted out track after track. Their song This Year I’m Going Pro was easily the standout of the set.

Fallstate 10082018 233

Fallstate were the third act of the evening and it was easy to see why the band are crowd favourites. Providing the crowd with much-needed sustenance as they handed out pizza in between tracks, the room was packed as lead singer Kurt easily interchanged grunge lead vocals with screaming vocals. The band put on a tight performance and provided a great deal of banter with the crowd, even making remarks about how “no-one wants hawaiian” as the last remaining pizza was passed out. Streetlight Riot guitarist Cam joined the band onstage as they paid him tribute with a song. The highlight for many was the “metal boys playing in a metal band” who launched into 1000 Miles, a cover of the pop song by Vanessa Carlton.

TheNotOkays 10082018 53

As Melicious took over the decks downstairs, it was time for the final act of the night upstairs. The Not Okays are an Emo covers band, including members of Fallstate and Written By Wolves and led by a female vocalist, Lauren. The band launched into covers of My Chemical Romance, Alexisonfire and Fall Out Boy to a great crowd reaction, with many audience members singing along with the band as they blasted out emo anthem after emo anthem.

Throughout the night, there was no sign of any self-deprecating depressing attitudes, which is always the public perception of Emo. The show exemplified the fun vibes of any pop-rock gig which was the core of what the emo scene of yester-decade represented. 

Radio 13 thanks and credits Ginny C Photography for all the photographs in this article.  

Written By: Angie Hart