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A Prisoner Of Unveil The Sense


Unveil The Sense was formed in Athens, Greece by Emm and George in 2012. Teo joined a year after. The band performed at the Schoolwave Festival in Athens in front of 3000 people in 2014 and their last show in Greece was sold out back in 2015.

Subsequently, Teo, Emm, and George moved to Brighton to pursue a career in the UK music scene.

Unveil The Sense released their first album in 2015 called September 3000 which was a mix of electronic sounds with heavy metal riffs.

Two years later, in 2017, the band released their second album Beachy Head. The sound was experimental combining elements of rock, hip hop, drum n bass, and electronic sounds.

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Unveil The Sense

Since then, the band changed their musical direction to include more alternative metal sounds.

The band just released a new single called Prisoner heralding their return to metal roots with a video directed by Madborn Studios. A new album is also on the way.


Written By: Radio13